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  • Artist Info: Name: Irene
    Age: 16
    Elementary BFF's: Sera Rios,Melissa Castrejon and Alexis Massey
    Junior High BFF's: Margaret Paz and Gabriella Keller
    Highschool BFF's: Do I have any???
    Current BFF: ...
    Grade: Junior
    Hobbies: Singing, Teaching, Writing, Drawing
    Likes to... :Write Stories till no end
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Status: Single
    Dating Who?: None
    Here For: Friends
    Hometown: Bak-O
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Religion: NONE
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Children: Uh, Adooption is an option, so I guess... IDK ID B A HORRIBLE MOM!
    Education: High School

    Height: 5 ft 1
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Talents: Can study for 8 hours without falling asleep
    Likes to Collect: Manga, and different types of gems

    Yo, Irene here! yes, I got my profile back, but I'm a bit lazy on changing EVERYTHING back, so it'll be a while. I'm gay, but I'm PROUD AS HELL! Don't ask why the bg is Loveless and has bunch of shoujo ai stuff. Blame Hikari

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