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        [click here for the backstory on this piece of art; credit to anonymcus]

        She packed my bags last night, preflight...

        I once tread tired but fulfilling footsteps; they, however, were empty patches in the ground.
        My cognitive identity may have changed, life may have disillusioned me or I may have disillusioned myself from life...But it's intriguing nonetheless, to bear a mask of the unknown but not know who I was beneath it or why I chose to obscure a handsome reflection.

        Note of Interest:

        - You may refer to me as "Zan", preferably.

        - I bear both a mechanical mind and a human heart.

        - I am a soul detached from the 'soul', in the context of a societal occupant, yet I occupy society with hopes of retaining my own.

        - I was once a pseudo-deity; vanity corrupts the mind of those masked by arrogance.

        ...It's cold out here in space.

        DICTUM Wrote:

        you're just a smooth criminal baby.
        can't handle it yo.

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