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  • Artist Info: well well mr.monkey face....i see u have eaten alans jelly filled baby!!!! well i will call upon the forces of cheese and crackers to destroy your purple ballon!!!muhahahahahaha!!!!!!------------------

    hey hi!!!
    im nikki!!!!
    everyone calls me random, crazy and the girl with the face.
    i love cheese and i have a theory that guys give birth to donuts and carrots.O.o. i was also the only one in my class to make funny faces during our class photo
    lol. i love to break into song and dance while running through the hallways at my school. oh and one day while i was at school, my friends fly was open and my three buddies tried so hard not to laugh but i could not help it so i started laughing. And then i couyld not stop. I went inside....laughing. i went to class laughing. i was sent to the office 4 laughing.... then i started crying and could not stop crying and crying. LOl. my friends call it the nikki syndrome. and when anyone else laughs for a really long time they say the same thing. NIKKI!!!!HURRY!!!SHE/HE HAS A BAD CASE OF THE NIKKI SYNDROME!!!HELP!!!
    mr.monkeyface got away while i was talking....
    IZZY!! take out the watergun.....we have to hunt him down!!!
    also im 13 years old and i have never had any professional srt lessons so i draw kinda suckish
    here is couple art ^_^
    i have not submitted new art yet soo thats why my gallery is crap
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