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    Love, hate, willingness to kill. Suprisingly all three can mix. I am very artistic and creative. Kinda crazy and out there at times but dont be shocked if I don't talk to you. Ya wanna know more speak to me leave a profile comment or pm.

    I am caring and protective and am always willing to help those in need. I am a Christian, more to nondenominational point but I do believe in God. But I also believe all religions should not be really separated while they all surround the one higher being under whatever name, spoke through whichever prophet or whatever. Who are we to judge the way others believe. Where we live and who we are and where we go when our time on earth has ended had to have come from someone.

    I have been blessed with great friends, a little brother and the will to continue on, finding new reasons to smile every day though times are tough. There is light in the darkness just have to look for it. I don't judge anyone or try my best not to. Push me and you will NOT like my ugly/mean side. And I'm sure my friends wouldn't appreciate it either.

    Can you tell who I am. Or what I'm like by just how I look! Do you think I'm stupid enough to let those I don't know in?! I've been through hell and back, and I'm still able to put a smile on my face and act like everything is alright.

    A smile to a broken person is nothing until loves light,even in comforting darkness, gives that person a reason to.

    I live in a twilight and the darkness is pushing me into the light. I'm afraid to leave such comfort but confident to be able to one day walk boldly into the light that has eluded me so.

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