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    Hey stranger, I'm Zombie Amoureux. I also go by the name Anastasia. Here are a few things about me that I consider important, in case you're curious:

    >I speak English and French.
    >I'm studying psychology and cultural anthropology, focusing on religion.
    >My favorite authors are Dean Koontz and Anne Rice.
    >Political activist, feminist, and registered Democrat. I've volunteered for OFA 2013 and have done a few local internships.
    >I love archery, pottery, renaissance faires, reading, gardening, monsters, mythology, history, and beer.
    >I'm a half-assed paleovore with a strong belief in only using genuinely natural products. I also believe in feeding all my pets natural, species appropriate real-food diets.

    These are my pets:
    Frankenstein (jack dempsey), Godric (king betta), Balthazar (halfmoon betta)

    Hippo (pitbull/mastiff), Louie (shihtzu), Siska (dachshund/chihuahua)

    Rita (syrian ham.), Dexter and Isaac Newton (california newts), Khal (apple snail)

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