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    *Warning to those who don't care : Below is a rather long story that I made up for the mere fact I was bored. I had fun with this, but if you don't feel like reading it, that's fine with me too. Information about me is in the middle of the block of text... so... enjoy!* emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

    The sound of the radio playing music is heard inside of your car as you drive up a dirt road hill towards a seemingly abandoned mansion. Earlier this week, you received a letter from an unknown sender. The letter spoke of your deceased uncle and aunt you have never heard of, and you were given half of their inheritance, each twenty thousand dollars. That was fourty thousand dollars! Immediately writing down the address given in the letter, you take three days off from work to prepare for your trip. Halfway through the drive, the radio suddenly cuts out into static, surprising you and bringing you back to the road as you turn it off. Odd, was there no signal out here? You merely assume there was nothing good on the radio, pushing away the thoughts as you continue to drive.

    As you make your way to the mansion, you brake slowly as you near the main entrance, closed up with a ten foot tall double door gate. Rolling down your window, your left hand reaches out to press the call button before the sudden loud creaking sounds of the gates opening startle you, causing you to jerk your hand back into the car. Was there an automatic sensor? Eyes looking around, you notice nobody nearby nor a camera at the top of the gate supports. You feel uneasy, but since the gates were now open, you roll back up your window and take your foot off the brakes as your car slowly wheels itself in.

    How could someone live so far from the city, and in such a place? Questions roamed your mind as the gates behind you close and lock in place. Well, there's no going back now. As you get closer and closer, the mansion begins to look different from how you viewed it from outside the fences. The windows are lit up bright, and movement is seen from the shadows inside. As you park your car a bit away from the entrance and open the door, you hear music and voices from inside. Just who exactly was living here?

    Making your way to the front doors, you raise your right hand to the door before hesitating. Was this the right place? This looked completely different from what you thought it would look like, but there was no shame in trying if it wasn't the place.
    You give three gentle knocks before hearing a sudden pause in the music, the voices silencing themselves. Crap, this was the wrong place, wasn't it? Right as you were about to turn back to your car, the door opens and in front of you appears a rather tall, old man. His expression was null as he had a hand across his stomach with a rather fancy cane in his hand, the other opening the door.

    "May I help you?"

    The man seemed rather impatient, as his voice was rather aggressive as he spoke. You quickly explain why you were here, and showed him the letter proving your case, hoping your head wouldn't be chewed off for trespassing. However, his expression completely changed when he heard this, and his hand holding the cane rose to hit the floor three times. You wait, confused to what he was doing before a maid came to his side out of nowhere. The letter you were holding was snatched from your hands without warning and given to the maid, whom read the letter before happily clapping and running off with it. What in the world was going on?!

    Before you can say a word, you are invited inside by the old man as he gives you a small smile. It would be rude to suddenly leave, even if you were annoyed and confused by everything, but you shrug it off as you step inside the mansion. It was a lot bigger inside that it looked! With the door shutting behind you, a voice suddenly breaks the silence and gestures you over to a rather big room to the right. As you pass the stairs and enter the room, you are greeted with a blazing fireplace, classical music that makes you suddenly have the urge to dance to, and tables filled with all kinds of drinks and foods. Not to mention the room was filled with all sorts of fine art and old antiques.

    Awed by everything, a woman around her twenties approaches you with a sweet smile. You immediately knew who she was, but you forgot her name and her social status. Your parents would talk to her a lot when you were a kid, and multiple times it would be during a party at her place... but you didn't remember this mansion being her home. They were also poor, and constantly behind in bills, so they would ask her if she could give them money, which she did every time. Eventually they were deep in debt to her from how much she gave. When you hit your teens, your parents had a last encounter with her to celebrate your coming of age. It didn't last long though, as a disagreement broke out about money before your parents left and immediately cut off contact with her. Since then, you've moved away and haven't heard them speak of her, however you have heard recent rumors going around that children were disappearing, and somehow the woman was involved. It seemed ridiculous that a random rumor would be tacted onto her, so you ignored it.

    Glancing over at her, you notice her eyes are different colors from each other : the left was a silverish blue with a green hue in it, and the right was a redish purple with a black hue. She has heterochromia. That was unique, and her silk rich crimson dress brought out her eyes even more, matching with her caramel cream skin. As you were distracted by her appearence, her voice brings you back to your senses as you hear a rather sweet yet tempting tone speak up, catching your attention. Listening to what she has to say, you remain quiet.

    "Welcome! You are in the presence of the one and only Mistress Vixen.
    Please make yourself at home. We have refreshments of every kind, and snacks of all sorts. Just ask the butlers what you would like. Don't mind the maids taking your coats and hats, they're hanging them up for you.
    Please, sit! It is rare that I get company, and I do enjoy a nice conversation here and there. Now let me tell you a bit about myself..."

    * My name is Kaya, also known as Sparky, Vixen, or Kistune. The pleasure is mine.
    * Age does not matter, but for those who are curious, I am in college.
    * I am Vietnamese, Japanese, and Black.
    * What gender am I? I have breasts. So I am female.
    * My sexuality? Heterosexual. Straight like a line!... That sounds odd.
    * Roleplaying is what I do best. Don't be afraid to PM me if interested.
    * Here is a rather nice saying I like:
    "I'm STRONG because I'm WEAK
    I'm BEAUTIFUL because I know my FLAWS
    I'm a LOVER because I'm a FIGHTER
    I'm FEARLESS because I have been AFRAID
    I'm WISE because I have been FOOLISH
    I can LAUGH because I know SADNESS"
    * I am a gamer girl, and I have played many games in my life. A girl? Playing GAMES?! I know right! That's so rare.
    * I play PC games more than console. Take that, Xbox and Playstation!
    * I admit that I am a pervert. Who isn't? Don't try to play innocent, I'm pretty sure you've had dirty moments in your head.
    * Secrets? Well yes I do have some, I have many. That doesn't mean I'll tell you everything... get to know me a little more and maybe I'll share some.

    You give a comforting laugh, happy to speak with Kaya as if she were an old friend, and you tell her so. An hour or two has passed since you arrived, and you've had a few snacks along with a few glasses of wine. It was incredible as well how many butlers and maids were living in this mansion, but you had not seen her husband around. Perhaps he was out somewhere? She did speak of him being in the military, but he had returned home a while ago. Maybe there was an emergency he had to go to, since there were no other cars parked outside when you came.

    "I can see you are quite pleased with what I have told you so far, and you seem to enjoy my company as well. I am sure you are well aware of the rumors currently in the air about me, but I assure you they are false. Some call me a monster because of a ridiculous rumor that I hold slaves! Can you imagine that? Me! A slaveholder! Why, I would never!"

    A slaveholder? So that was what the rumors were about. Who would say such a thing? You agree with her words. Holding and selling slaves were illegal, and you were sickened at the mere thought of it.

    "I am quite surprised you decided to come visit a stranger even with these silly accusations going around, but it warms my heart that someone believes them false. Be careful with who you trust, my friend."

    A stranger? You knew her when you were a kid. The only reason you came here was because of the... That's right! The letter! You mention the letter to Kaya and the inheritance you've gained, but you stop midway when you hear something. What was that? Unable to keep quiet, you ask if she can hear the same thing.

    "Pardon? You hear something? What do you hear?"

    Even with the music playing, you can still hear a voice in the distance... like a person screaming. You can't help but get worried and speak up.

    "Someone screaming? I don't hear any screams nearby."

    What?! How could she not hear it? The screaming begins to get louder before it suddenly cuts off. You stand up and shut off the music, silent and still as you wait. There was nothing except your breathing audible. What in the hell just happened?!

    "My dear, are you alright? I think you may have drank too much wine tonight. Matthew! Please escort our friend to a guest room for the night."

    You only had two glasses of wine before switching to water. You felt fine! Something was wrong. Deciding it was time to leave, you head towards the front door before feeling someone grab you from behind and restrain you from moving. It was the old man that opened the door. What the hell was going on? Why was this guy so strong?! Your questions were shorty answered as you see Kaya walk out the room and stand in front of the entrance door with a glass of white wine in her left hand, your letter in the other.

    "I apologize for keeping you, my friend, but I can't let you leave. I don't want to let you drive this late at night, especially if you are hearing things you shouldn't be hearing. Please rest up. You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow... oh, and your uncle and aunt? I am sorry to say they do not exist, nor does the inheritance, but I just needed a way to bring you over here. You see, your parents owe me a very large debt and they have been lying to me many times about paying me back year and year again with each letter they send, taking off their address and moving locations. They've held up a strong front and managed to hide from me until you returned recently. I intend on getting what is long overdue... and you are my ticket to finally breaking them. Matthew, dear butler, take our guest to the room. Oh, and sweet dreams."

    With that, Kaya locked the front doors before heading back to the room they wee previously in, telling a maid nearby to burn the letter. The butler lifted you off the ground while keeping a strong grip on your arms and body, your feet now at his knees as he began walking farther away from the door. You couldn't move a muscle, and when you try to scream for help, nothing comes out. Panic and confusion held you back as you couldn't say anything but make sounds. What was going to happen? What did she mean? You were already angry enough to be lied to about the letter and money, which you really could have used for other reasons, but now you were being dragged into something your parents started?! They didn't have money to pay back what they owed, how could you help in this?

    Questions continued to fill your mind as you are taken to a isolated room near the West side of the mansion, however no windows or doors to the outside were in sight. Matthew opened the door before putting you down and starting to walk back. You decide to make a break for it and try to run past him, but he easily trips you and your head roughly meets the wooden floors with a thud, giving a bruise on your head and causing a bit of dizziness. While on the floor, your ear is pressed against it. You are able to hear a faint whimpering past it before screaming starts like last time, however you can hear other voices and sounds such as crying and banging against the walls. There were people here?!

    You manage to give an odd cough to clear your throat before yelling if anyone could hear you, hearing the solid footsteps of the butler nearby. In return, you're immediately responded with cries of help, and warnings to run away, voices of children and teenagers begging for their parents and freedom. You're not sure if you hit your head too hard or if what you were hearing was real, but the sounds became mute as you were suddenly picked up off the ground and facing Matthew.

    "I'm afraid you've heard too much for one night."

    His voice speaks coldly as his other hand raises to cover your mouth and nose, cutting off your air supply as you struggle violently to breathe. You begin to feel lightheaded, your eyes starting to shut slowly as your vision goes black. Giving a last bit of resistance, your hands slow and fall limp, your body stops moving and you finally lose consciousness. With that, the butler takes you to your room and puts you down on the bed, pulling the covers over you before switching off the light and walking out, closing and locking the door.

    Your stay here has only begun, and now you have to fight for your life if you want to get out.
    And that's getting out alive while keeping you sanity intact.

    ** This is a self-made story I made just for the hell of my profile. If you would like to continue this, please feel free to PM me with the title, "A Letter of Lies".
    Have a wonderful day, my dear guest, and please...

    "Do come again soon..."
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