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  • Artist Info: I love drawing, especially still life. Sometimes I draw anime characters.
    I love reading novels (I said I'm a bookworm, right?) especially those from the classic, romance, or 'adventure' genre. I'm not a fan of novels which are Meg Cabot style-like.
    I love playing Sims. I don't know. I just want to manipulate them or something.
    I love Math. I'm taking Civil Engineering.
    I wear glasses. I have poor eyesight because it's my bookworm's blood that kept me to read even in the dark.
    I'm heavy when it comes to commenting and criticizing a person, but not exactly the same as being judgmental. It's just that I'm too sensitive to details when it comes to physical.
    I advice a lot. My classmates are sometimes calling me Confucius since I always use my reasoning instead of emotions. Head over heart, that is. My problem is I can't take my own advice.
    I'm underage.
    I haven't yet been committed. It's not that I'm ugly, for God's sake. I'm cute, fyi.
    I love Vincent Valentine. I'm totally drawn with his looks and mysterious personality.
    I'm more interested into 2D and of fictional men characters.

    and I love to befriend you . : C:
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