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  • Artist Info: Location: NYC

    I am studying art and anthropology.
    I love medieval and Mesoamerican studies.
    Fav artists include Gauguin, Schiele, and Van Gogh
    Atheist, but I have interests in spiritual aspects including Kemeticism

    I love grotesquerie, goth music, neil gaiman, lovecraft, and dustbunnies
    I love the beach, parks, and Happy Lesson!

    -if only you knew the world as a snowglobe inversed with stars instead of snow



    Questing for Japonism Avi smilies/icon_biggrin.gif:

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    My Box of Furry..er Rusty Spoons and Cute Things From Over The Rainbow:

    From Hogywartsland:
    Ooyah the beautiful centaur who can speak to the stars.

    My merperson stole a rusty spoon from the Giggling Pear. She likes to play among the lily pads, collect gillyweed, and harass the other merpeople's Grindylows.

    My kitty Sekhmet! She wanders around the dungeons in search of enchanted silver mice.
    Example A: Caught silver mouse.
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