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  • Artist Info: My name is... if you want to know, PM me! I am 18 and graduating from highschool 2011-2012! Then I am going to University of Utah! I am soo excited! My favorite animal is a bear! My favorite color is brown! Same as my hair and eye color. My hair is pretty short with blue in it! And I have a gorgous dog named Bodie! And two black and white cats named Paris and Simba! Also a fish named Finnley. (My cousin didn't want him so I gladly took him in)
    My Friends are clueymooy and angry feathers! And my cousin is hot sabria!
    (Yes clueymooy and angry feathers are actually my friends in school and hot sabria is my double cousin... I don't want to explain that) Well thats pretty much me! Send me a friend request!
    Luv Ya!

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