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    Sup Guys, I'm Flare Kazamata! If there's one thing I'm going to do in this world, it's becoming famous smilies/icon_razz.gif

    I'm all about art, anything artistic I can probably do, or tried it before. I draw, I rap, I write stories, I act, I voice act, I dj, I play piano, and direct and record movies! And a lot more. If you need me for anything, I LOVE collaboration!! Seriously PM me with any projects or whatever you need help with.

    Send me your mixtape, animations, whatever, let's start a youtube video and create the next best thing.

    So like I wasted the whole description talking about art, Oh well. There's pictures of me just chilling or whatever on the right. PM me if you need avatar art, or me to help you in any art projects... or just need a friend to talk to. I'm a really chill person so yeah...

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