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    I'm an eighteen-year-old who looks back on the past every-so-often and wonders what the hell she was smoking back then. I blame my insanity on Gaia.

    I'm a little unstable, easily frazzled, easily impressed little thing who sometimes wants to jetpack herself away from all reality... except that's not possible because jetpacks haven't been invented yet for public usage. Damn it.

    I'm also sophisticated as hell, if you haven't noticed. [/wink]

    I'm African-American and proud of it (most of the time, anyway), and apparently don't look it because I don't get out of my house much and I'm naturally lighter that you'd expect a black girl from da hood (ugh, I am never butchering the Queen's language like that ever again...) to look. I also think I was British in a past life. [/sips Earl Gray tea] Do come join me, poppet, I'm not quite finished!

    ... I'm pretty sure I was also asexual in a past life. Or a complete whore. I don't really know, one of the two.

    Best way to get to know me? Talk to me. Though depending on my mood, you'll find that the Evie you talk to one day is NOT the Evie you'll see two days later. Just a warning. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    I said don't say it, goddamnit!

    ... I also think I was Romano in a past life too. Y'know, from Hetalia? If you don't know what I'm talking about, can laugh at your nationality and still have your soul, go check it out.

    Now do something useful in your life and stop reading this godforsaken page. Honestly. Are you that bored, good sir?

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