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  • Artist Info: Hi. Hello. I am Indeciisiive, otherwise known as Avikna, or Wolk. Really I don't care what you call me, as long as it's not hateful. Take that negative attitude out the door, seriously.

    On another serious note. I'm a lurker. What I mean by this, is... I'll be on Gaia to check things one second, then gone the next. If you Pm me, rest assure I will get back to you, it just depends on when I get back on.

    If ya ever need a shoulder to cry on, or just to vent for any reason at all, I'm all... ears, yea we'll stick with that. Just type away, and I'll 'Listen'. Heck, I might offer a bit of advice, if I understand your problem enough to put in my own two cents. Regardless, rest assure I don't judge, I have no room to.

    Anyway, have an awesome day my little wolflings!

    Current interests

    Cryaotic: YouTube Game Commentator / Live streamer (Saturday nights)
    iJevin: Minecraft YouTube Commentator / Live streamer
    GassyMexican/LolRenaynay/EatmyDiction, ect.: YouTube Game Commentators / Live streamers (Friday/Saturday Nights - Wednesday Nights)

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Tueday Nights 8/7c on the CW
    Nature: Constantly distracting me all day erry day. Squirrels mostly.

    Music wise: Skillet & The Legend of Zelda Anniversary Compilation music.

    (Came with Skyward Sword still might.)

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