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  • Artist Info: Let's put the basics out first:
    I'm a girl
    I'm a teen
    I'm sweet
    But I can be mean

    -cough cough- that is like the worst poem ever. After reading so many poetry pieces, it's like crap. But I'm not taking it off until I get a stroke of brilliance and put out a miserable poem about myself and post it here. The last poetic genius I produced was when I wailed about how I could never get a seat on the bus unless I prayed for it in advance. And it got published in a youth magazine too! Brilliant man! I would pat myself on the back but people would mistake it for scratching or something equally idiotic, so mind me.

    In the case you have nothing else and do and wish to read more about me -is that considered stalking?- then be aware that I am book-lover! I love anime so I'm a book-lover+animefreak. I also enjoy writing and drawing.

    As mentioned, I am a total anime freak, but these days -or should I say this age- requires so much studying that I often forget my name, let alone remember that I'm an anime fan. I still claim to be one because I watch its amv's like obsessed idiots on youtube.

    Moving on towards my temper. You see, I'm a really cool kind of person -cough- I don't easily get mad but when I do, be warned in advance, run for it. But when someone else gets mad because of me, I make that person look like an idiot. I never noticed it myself, people pointed it out to me -_-' God, I'm so weird.

    And my mood swings are kind of unpredictable too. The girl who sits next to me likes making people cry and it takes some effort to keep her away from civilization. See? I attract the most strangest kind of people. If you consider yourself a weirdo and are also finding me interesting ... DAMN IT!!!!!!

    Nonetheless, it's be cool if you send a friend request and MENTION why you send it. I delete anonymous people instantly so ... unless we've hung around zomg, real life or chatted in the forums, don't expect me to accept your request.

    Have a nice day!

    CHERUBS & IMPS by BeastlyShadow

    Friends and fiends,
    What's the difference?
    Hatred spreads like wildfire,
    Trust built like an empire.
    A little hatred,
    Too many trusted,
    That Empire burns down.
    Leaving a sad soul with no ground.
    Forsaken or destined,
    Betrayal too determined.
    Friends and fiends,
    Now no difference.

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