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  • Artist Info: The lone wolf that doesn't run with a clan.

    The one demon lurking within the shadows.

    He's just a boy, but with so much more potential.

    Glacirus is an expansion of a name I used for one of my older roleplays. The character, Glacir, is a wolf demon and a mercenary. He and his badn of misfits of all races formed the Black Fang, a group of like minded individuals and their families, that set out along the world and did jsut about anything.

    But enough about that, this is more about the person behind the characters.

    In general, I'm an anime/manga otaku, a little of a gaming nerd, and a talented roleplayer with roots mainly in medieval/fantasy ones. I've got a lot f free time lately, and when I'm not searching for new series to read/watch or on games with friends, I'll be here.

    If you want to know more, get to know me, but there are things I won't give away. Ever.

    That in mind, i look forward to having fun with other Gaians.
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