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    i like friendsramblings of a rose prince

    "A prince can lead you to freedom, but the only one who can save you is yourself."

    Utena Tenjou (天上 ウテナ, Tenjō Utena?)
    The central character of the show, and a rebel WITH a cause, Utena is headstrong and rather naive, and is idolized by her schoolmates.

    After an encounter with a "prince" in her most desperate hour, she is determined to become a prince herself, and to this end involves herself in the duels and engagement to Anthy.

    I could tell you more but anything else would be spoilerish.



    Some Notes
    -Don't nitpick at my cosplay. If you can recognize my character, that's all I ask for.

    -If you're gonna copy my cosplay, do it the hard way. I'm not telling you what items I'm using.

    -No 'official' bullshit. I'm not the official character, and neither are you.

    -I don't do drama. Got an issue? PM me.
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